California Code of Regulations, Title 8
Chapter 6.
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 8. Garment Manufacturers

§13630. Registration of Manufacturers and Contractors

§13631. Recordkeeping.

§13632. Advisory Committee.

§13633. Registration of Employee Leasing Companies and Temporary Agencies.

§13634. Requirements for Registration.

§13635. Registration and Examination Fees

§13635.1 Filing Schedule for Applications.

§13636. Registration Certificate.

§13637. Amended Certificate.

§13638. Duplicate Certificate.

§13639. Penalty Assessment.

§13640. Notice of Penalty Assessment and Right to Hearing.

§13641. Bonds for Continued Registration.

§13642. Return of Registration Bond.

§13643. Action Against Registration Bond.

§13644. Bonds for Filing an Appeal from an Order, Decision or Award.

§13645. Periods of Revocation.

§13646. Hearings to Deny an Application and to Revoke or Suspend Registration.

§13647. Registration After Revocation.

§13648. Confiscation.

§13649. Disposition of Confiscated Goods.

§13650. Hearings on Appeals of Penalty Assessments or Confiscations.

§13651. Conduct of Hearing; Rules of Evidence.

§13652. Rights of Parties at Hearing; Taking of Evidence; and Rules of Procedure.

§13653. Role of Hearing Officer.

§13654. Issuance of Subpoenas.

§13655. Determination of Guarantor's Proportionate Share of Liability

§13656. Amounts Included in Assessment of Wages Owed and Order, Decision or Award.

§13657. Attorney's Fees and Costs.

§13658. Labor Commissioner's Enforcement of Wage Guarantee.

§13659. Information to be Contained in Contracts Between Manufacturers and Contractors, and on Itemized Wage Statements Provided to Employees.

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