California Code of Regulations, Title 8
Chapter 6.
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 6.5. Hearings on Actions to Recover Wages, Penalties, and Other Demands for Compensation and on Claims from Holders of Dishonored Payroll Checks or Drafts

Article 1. Rules of Practice and Procedure

§13500. Definition of DIVISION.

§13501. Filing of Complaint.

§13501.5. Form of Complaint.

§13501.6. Form of Complaint on Claim from Holder of Dishonored Payroll Check or Draft.

§13501.7. Form of Answer.

§13502. Conduct of Hearings.

§13505. Taking of Evidence.

§13506. Deputy Labor Commissioner's Authority.

§13507. Right to Counsel.

§13508. Continuances.

§13520. Definition of Willful.

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