California Code of Regulations, Title 8
Chapter 6.
Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
Subchapter 10. Registration of Employers, Transporters, and Supervisors of Minors Engaged in Door-to-Door Sales

§13670. Definitions

§13670.1. Applicability of Subchapter 10

§13671. Form of Application

§13671.1. Application for Registration

§13672. Filing Schedule for Applications

§13673. Registration Renewal Dates

§13673.1. Change of Address or Doing Business as ("DBA") Name, Vehicle, or Vehicle License Number

§13673.2. Registration Void, When

§13674. Fees

§13675. Transfer of a Registration

§13676. Suspension and Revocation of Registration and Denial of an Application

§13676.1. Hearings to Revoke or Suspend a Registration or Deny an Application

§13677. Inspections

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