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Alvin G. Kalmanson, Scott A. McMillan, Adam C. Stutz

Here at McMillan Law Firm, each of us recognizes that those who come to us seeking legal assistance are doing so because there is a problem or circumstance where guidance or Justice is needed.  Each of Us who you'll meet at our Firm, serve our clients with this overarching principal: our clients come to us because they've suffered, or are suffering, an injustice which needs redress. They have a problem that needs to be fixed. Whether that injustice is an injury for which we'll seek a recovery, or that injustice is being the subject of a merit-less lawsuit that needs a defense, We are here to deliver results.

You'll find that Our Firm is comprised of a group of talented, intelligent individuals with diverse backgrounds who are devoted to Our clientele.  We recognize that the proper mission of a lawyer is to advance the ends of Justice, and that regardless of the wealth, status, or circumstance of our clients each client is entitled to be treated with respect, courtesy and dignity. Our attorneys are defenders of the rights of individuals and strive to provide each client, in every case, with aggressive and effective representation.

You will find detailed biographies, including sample work, for each participant in Our Firm at the menu to your left.  We look forward to serving You.

* NOTE: We are working on an updated group picture.
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