Case Brief

Armenta v. Osmose, Inc. (2005)
135 Cal.App.4th 314
Main Issue: Whether an employer has violated minimum wage if the employer compensated the employee enough during the time spent carrying duties to cover for uncompensated time spent carrying out other duties (traveling).

Brock v. Carrion

332 F.Supp.2d 1320
Main Issue: May an employer offset their minimum wage obligation owed to a resident apartment manager with the value of lodging without a voluntary written agreement that specifically mentions a "minimum wage" credit?

Brewer v. Patel (1993)
20 Cal.App.4th 1017
Main Issue: What hours must an Resident Apartment Manager receive compensation?

Hernandez v. Mendoza (1988)

199 Cal. App.3d 721
Main Issues: (1) If an employee is placed on salary, how many hours is that to represent? Does it include overtime?
(2) If an employer did not keep track of the employees hours, what is the standard for reconstructing a the hours worked?

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